John1911 Cross


John1911 Cross – No Authority Unless Given From Above

An overtly religious and Christian design surely to be recognized by both believers & gun-guys alike.

The origins of this design. is actually a double entendre for a name. What is that exactly? Firstly, we are John 1911. The 1911 pistol guys. In American history and gun culture, the 1911 pistol is the single most influential and recognized pistol design this country has ever produced. And still produces. From it’s designation in 1911 as the US Military’s Service Pistol, to Texas Rangers facing down the lawless with cocked-n-locked “45’s” on their hips, to G-men facing off against bootleggers with 38 Supers, to civilian and military shooters standing shoulder to shoulder at Camp Perry, competing as equals, for the coveted President’s Hundred Tab, to the modern 9mm 1911s defending hearth and home to this very day. The 1911 pistol is the handgun every other design is measured against, and wishes to be. It’s the pistol that represents American History, justice, competence and skill.  In short, an American cultural touchstone.

The Book of John 19:11 is a chapter in The Bible. It discusses a conversation between Jesus and Pontius Pilot. The subject touches on one of the singular most important precepts of Western Civilization and ultimately the American Founding: The relationship between a free citizen in the eyes of God and his earthly government:

So Pilate said to Him, “Do You refuse to speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You and authority to crucify You?” Jesus answered, “You would have no authority over me if it were not given to you from above”

The cynic and post-modern nihilist will dismiss this, claiming the connection merely a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. America was founded on the Judeo-Christian values of truth, justice and equality of all mankind; only subservient to God.

“No Authority” is an idiom acknowledging the one true power by which we will all be judged.


Functional Note from Marky: “This is a lighter weight, summer wear shirt that excels in heat. While thin, it is VERY well made and of high quality. It’s body flattering but still has PLENTY of stretch to EASILY allow for the drawing of a large concealed handgun from 4 o’clock or AIWB. Additionally I challenge you to let your girlfriend or wife feel the material and have her not compliment the mill quality. She will approve. A generic, gun-show t-shirt THIS IS NOT.”


Shirt Specs:

  • Color – Antique Black shirt. Red & White Ink.
  • 4.2 oz.  50/25/25 polyester/combed ringspun cotton/rayon, 32 singles
  • Fabric laundered
  • Set-in 1×1 triblend baby rib collar
  • Side seams
  • Size’s available Small – 3X


John1911 Cross T-Shirt Spec sizes.
John1911 Cross T-Shirt Spec sizes.
Weight 5.6 oz

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X, 3X


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